Change for the Bus


Part of my series of street portraits. Next step? Aquire an old film Nikon prime lens. Backing up 10 feet before taking the photo complicates the entire process.


5 thoughts on “Change for the Bus

  1. quenbysheree

    I love the subject and the lighting is great. The crop throws me off. Is this straight out of camera or did you crop in post?

      1. quenbysheree

        It’s a tad too close for me. If he wasn’t holding the kitten it would be spot on, but because he is- I want to see him actually holding it. Get more of an idea of his interaction with kitten. The crop you have is disconnected. Keep in mind I am being knit picky here. It’s a great photo.

      2. quenbysheree

        I’m glad. I have a degree in photography so I am used to more intense critiques and have unintentially offended some people before. It’s a relief to be able to talk about a photograph seriously with the photographer.

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