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Sidenote: Foldable Phone Cradle (and Leica phone case)

DSC_0612 DSC_0606

I went out and bought myself a fancy new smartphone. Shown above next to an old gravity texting phone is the Nexus 4 (in Poetic black bumpercase). I like having my phone set on my desk next to my computer for flicking through news, music or as a calculator. I needed something that folds up nicely and can be used at school, work, etc. In my search for ideas I saw the instructions for a folding stand using an old tape case. I thought: “Hey! I’ve got some plastic minitape cases from a bygone era… what can I do?”.

I tinkered around with the empty case and considered running a bead of hot glue along the seam, however, it needed to be portable. Glancing over my desk I saw a fun, mint green rubber band. I slid it onto the case, stretched if over the back…voila! Perfect! It stretches to fit almost any device, it folds down fairly tiny and even has space inside for cables, etc.


I used scissors to make some scores near the rear of the dock, to hold the rubber band in place. This is optional and varies from case to case. I love that it fits my phone with the case. I can even slide my iPod in there. Anyway just a little bit of brainstorming. Oh and by the way… the back of my phone looks like this… you can be jealous.