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FCI Sheridan

MVI_0272On the road. Federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon. Check out more about it here.


South Bronx Family Album

Johnny on the Box, 1984.  Photo by Ricky FloresWhen Ricky Flores started taking pictures as a high school senior in 1980, he did what a lot of young photographers did: he photographed his friends, family and neighbors. He captured giddy, even goofy moments, of dancers in the park, teenagers on stoops and costumed children on Halloween. In the South Bronx. Read more at the NYTimes.

In the Shadows of Wolves and Man

20130115-lens-wolves-slide-FHH3-jumbo“They say you don’t start living until you step out of your comfort zone,” the photographer Christian Houge said. “Art arises when you let go. It can be in the process, in the darkroom. But it can also be in the concept. The end product is about not having control.”

As if he needs a reminder: he photographs wolves. Read more over at NYTimes.